Saturday, 24 May 2008

No Fit State

Last night I dragged the girls to Victoria Park for the opening of the Paradise Gardens weekend, a celebration of circus, Victorian village fetes, tea dances and general outdoorsy bank holiday fun. We went to see Tabu by No Fit State Circus- a company described by The Guardian as 'Cirque du Soleil without the Disney and the disinfectant'. And it didn't disappoint. An incredibly attractive, multi-talented cast performed an array of aerial arts using beautiful costumes and the elements of fire and water to create a visually dazzling experience. There's no seating area, you're just jostled about amongst the performers which adds a really atmospheric intimacy to the whole thing. Particularly given the amount of snogging that goes on. I'm pretty sure that every woman there left wishing her job involved such a lot of corset wearing, adrenaline rush and naked torso grasping. What is it about circus men?Is it really just that they're everything your mother ever warned you about-dirty, hairy, muscular, tattoed and certain to be in another city by tomorrow morning?There's plenty for the lads too though, including a tightrope walker performing in 5 inch heels, before stripping and rolling a cigarette whilst suspended above your head. I'm really questioning my career choice.

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