Sunday, 18 May 2008


Whilst I may be a fan of all seven, my favourite sin over the last few months has undeniably been sloth. Having moved in with my boyfriend, we now spend most of our time cooking/eating/playing Mario kart/watching his new boxset of Six feet Under. Times I used to dedicate to writing have been reallocated to TV watching, magazine reading and basically just floomphing about. With this blog, however, I intend to turn over a new leaf, and at least document the few hours I manage to make it out of the flat each week.
   Last weekend I blew my birthday budget on my first piece of Art. Trying to find something that would look good on your wall, is affordable, but isn't from is harder than it sounds. But in East London I managed to pick up a signed limited edition print of one of Dan Hillier's creations. I opted for one of the more traditional nude portraits on a bright blue background, but plenty of his work is much more darker, with skulls and octopus tentacles his favorite decorative features.Check out his work at the link:
I also braved the most talked about show  of the London Dance world this Thursday, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's Myth at Sadler's Wells. The choreography credited both martial arts and anime asinspirations, and the dark, shadow figures with their flowing limbs, dreadlocks and black drapery reminded me of the spidery black creatures in the Zelda computer games. Both sinister, yet funny, spiritual and experimental; this is the cutting edge of modern dance. I can't deny that enjoying it took some work-this is definitely not one to bother with if you're only notion of dance involves a tutu and tights.

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