Monday, 19 May 2008

Rob Ryan and Tatty Devine

There are days when I wonder how anyone has the will power to be a writer. As one soon to be published authoress described her writing technique in Time Out last week,(watching Deal or No deal, writing a bit,eating a biscuit, having a nap, maybe write a bit more), at least I know I'm not alone. Deciding to make a proper go of something that so few people succeed at takes some guts.I, myself, am taking the gutless approach by keeping my day job and thus not actually ever getting round to writing very much, but at least being able to pay the rent and afford basics like food, soap, Vogue,toilet roll, cake etc. I therefore am in awe of someone who decided to make a living out of cutting holes out of bits of paper, and has managed to make an enviable career out of it.Rob Ryan cuts pictures and poems out of paper in the way we used to snip snowflakes out of the white stuff at nursery. Rob's delicate creations are both ridiculously simplistic but also incredibly intricate, and his latest collaboration with the jewellery makers Tatty Devine perfectly complements both their quirky aesthetics. Tatty's jewellery is the definition of kitsch (I challenge you to come up with its actual definition)-her most famous pieces include necklaces designed to look like crisps, plectrums, fishbones,moustaches and so on. As well as working with Rob on a few limited edition designs like this 'story told through tears' necklace, currently being exhibited at the Brick Lane store , Tatty has also teamed up with artists Gilbert and George for her latest range inspired by their Art. Check out her site at

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Plinth said...

Rob featured in The Observer top 50 cool people!

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