Sunday, 15 June 2008

Central Saint Martins Private View

Friday night I took a deep breath before plunging headfirst into the depths of the art students' midst at CSM. For anyone who hasn't ever found themselves knee deep in art school graduates, let me tell you, its a daunting experience. Few of them are willing to pass up the opportunity of using their body as an extra canvas, hence the onslaught of cutting edge tattoos, hair colours and styles plus any number of weird and wonderful clothing combinations. Whether its due to their creativity or confidence, they manage to pull it off ,which is why I usually end up feeling a bit like a sparrow who's accidentally been caged up with a load of exotic birds. Of course, a lot of these kids have one major advantage in both the looks and talent stakes;great genes(and I'm not talking denim). Students who have photographed model/Agyness Dean's mate/Mario Testino's god daughter Alice Delall for their dissertation fashion magazine have obviously inherited a much fatter little black book than most 18 year olds, and in this business more than most, its all about who you know.Tips for the top? Some gorgeous prints from Athena Adomaitis in the fashion school,Catherine Dwyer Harvy's 1950's pin-up photography and the very Stella Vine-esque Tinsel Edwards (pictured).Tinsel's own private view is on 26th June at Pure Evil gallery.

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