Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Sew Vogue

Moving in with my boyfriend has required certain compromises from us both. Whilst he has had to learn to put up with my hair getting everywhere, (I malt like a cat) I have had to cut down on the amount of useless clutter I accumulate. I admit to having a bit of a magazine fetish, and whilst in my old house the girls I shared with would love the fact that I indulged in say, 5 or 6 mags a month, my man despairs of the piles and piles of glossy dead tree now lining his previously tidy surfaces. I have tried to cut down, honestly; and have even resorted to binge reading where I buy a magazine, read it on the bus, tear out the stuff I like then
 leave it for someone else to find. I've also started to do a monthly clear out where I chuck out old copies. This is new to me- at my family home I have cupboards full of issues of Marie Claire dating back to the 90s. (this is not my fault, its a hereditary thing; my mum has every Country Living since 1985) Anyway, yesterday I was flicking through a copy of Vogue from the 
 Spring, tearing out anything I couldn't bear to chuck, and I came across Kate Talbot's fantastic creations. Checking out her site, (www.hungdrawnandquoted.co.uk) you can see she's created some wonderfully witty woollen creations-all her images can be bought as prints, or if you're feeling flush, you can commission a bespoke piece; a cuddly iphone pehaps, or your favourite film poster stitched to scale?If this inspired you to get out a needle and thread yourself, head to one of the classes at Prick your Finger: www.prickyourfinger.com

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