Monday, 6 October 2008

Cultural Olympiad was launched!no really, it was.

So, a couple of weekends ago it was the launch of the Cultural Olympiad-bet you didn't know that, right?Thats ok-nobody did!Despite the fact that hardly anyone in the press and few of us in the arts industry really know what the big CO is about yet, it went and launched itself, sort of.I went to Gold, a festival in Shoreditch town hall that hopes to become 'a fringe to the cultural Olympiad activities staged by London's major institutions'. The night was a lovely mix of the eclectic and alternative sides of the British art scene, but sadly, their was hardly anyone there. But there were still some good bits:in the basement there were Ghost stories told in the dark by  Giles Abbott, puppet shows and The House of Fairytales' amazing ocular tableau vivant- a tiny window into a room full of real life fairytale characters; just magic. (I'm talking to Deborah Curtis at the moment about working with her and Gavin Turk on the next HoF project-fingers crossed and watch this space!)Viktor Wynd's basement experience was run by The Last Tuesday Society- a wonderfully crazy bunch who also invited the wacky You, me bumbumtrain to feature in the evening's shenanigans. This would all have been awesome if they'd been anyone there. Upstairs I found Jessie Chorley and Buddug,(pictured) creators of gorgeous vintage style accessories-you may have seen them at the Sunday market off Brick Lane.They now have a shop on Columbia road-check out openings etc on or 
On Sunday I went to the HungaMunga festival to interview artist Tinsel Edwards for Dazed and Confused.We got cutting and sticking, but unfortunately she made a card for a friend whose party she was going to, so I was unable to whip any ebayable art work for my future children's trust funds.
Concrete and Glass was yet another East London art festival that kicked off last week.Though the music bits are all over, the artwork is on for another week or so, so go and check it out if you can't face the crowds at Frieze and Zoo.
Only other news really is that I have quite my job to become a real life writer!Desperately in need of a large dose of discipline, but hopefully I will get into the groove and churn out a book before I'm 30. Went to register for the course I'm doing at Goldsmiths and tried not to be influenced by the overwhelming feeling that I am well past it now, and that blonde was a real cop out colour to dye my hair when obviously pink or blue would be a lot more appropriate.I am hoping I can get this course done before they notice I'm not cool enough to be there.

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