Thursday, 13 November 2008

La Clique

This weekend I took my sister to see La Clique at The Hippodrome. Its not cheap, but if you have 30 quid to spare before Christmas, you should definitely go and see this. Its a weird and wonderful concoction of physical skill and eccentric entertainment. Highlights include a double jointed man who dislocates some of his bits in order to squeeze himself through the head of a tennis racket. If you're fearing the current unemployment apocalypse, this should definitely give you hope- just find something really strange to do with your body. Other highlights include a mind boggling magician lady who takes off all her clothes to prove she's not hiding the handkerchief up any sleeves. She is hiding it up somewhere though-be warned- this is not a show for the shy. Absolute best bit though was the man in the bath-pictured here. With the body of a GOD, er, I mean gymnast, this Adonis has a bath in his jeans and performs incredible aerial gymnastics on a couple of leather straps. There's a lot of clinging denim and writhing and splashing and stuff, so that you don't have to be sitting in the front row to get pretty wet. Unless you're one of the straight men in the audience who seemed to be regretting bringing their dates to see the sexiest man this side of Johnny Depp.

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