Monday, 3 November 2008


Its not often that I'm jealous of Americans, but right now I'm pretty green about the whole election thing. How exciting must it be to vote for someone you'd actually like to win? Every experience I have had of voting so far has involved choosing the least gittish of a bunch of gits, or choosing the git most likely to stop the biggest git being elected. Not exactly inspiring. Anyway, dead jealous of all the lovely bonding going on in the cities of America. Don't really see why we shouldn't get a vote too, since whoever runs America ends up with a fairly big say in what happens to us too. I have been getting involved with all the hype on my favourite site Etsy, where avid creative types have been putting their cutting and sticking skills to good political use. Anyway, if you want to get involved in the election fun, there are apparently a few USA friendly spots in London who will be open at unsociable hours-The Knightsbridge Chicago Rib Shack is open all night until breakfast.The official American -expats- living- abroad knees up is at The Light in Shoreditch-unlike most of the scheduled events its free and with at least 700 guests already confirmed, its going to be a big one.

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