Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Future of Vintage

Happy 2009 everyone!I haven't blogged since last year as I've been super busy with Christmas, New Year and most importantly, working on an amazing new website which launched this week. Atelier- is run by Carmen Haid and Alice Kodell who've both worked in the fashion industry for years. The site is an absolute Aladdin's Cave for vintage lovers, with one of a kind frocks from the the wardrobe left to Carmen by her Austrian couturier grandmother, and never -seen- before original Ossie Clarks that Alice managed to get her hands on. Various designer and jeweller friends of Carmen and Alice have contributed to the website by creating exclusive, vintage inspired collaboration pieces that you can buy online. The prices are what you'd expect of such rare, highly sought after stuff, but the timeless style of the pieces and the amazing quality of the craftsmanship mean that these are investments which will last you till your kids are begging to 'borrow' them on a long term basis. Vogue have given it their seal of approval on both their website and in the February issue.
The press launch on Thursday was at the club Mark's, and the after party at a private residence near Holland Park. Here are some pics of our model KJ, and other members of the AM team, all wearing vintage, of course.

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Andy said...

Love your blog and going to clothes swapping parties! I also use a website called xx

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