Thursday, 30 April 2009

Competition time

If you are are trying to break into the world of design, now's the time to get your work seen. Maybe it has something to do with the recession, but rather than hiring well-known designers,there's a plethora of brands and organisations offering young unknowns the chance to work for free! Um, I mean, win a competition!Yay!Seriously though, this is a great way to get your work noticed which is the first major hurdle in such a competitive industry.Here are the links to some briefs- break out those sketch books:

  • Climate Camp logo and poster design competition- a cause thats both very worthy and very hip right now-sure to feature widely in the press. Amelia lays out the brief for you here.
  • Amelia's magazine is also participating in the Shelter open brief along with artists like Stella Vine and Basso and Brooke. You've probably seen the Shelter house of cards adverts- each artist's entry is based on a playing card. Amelia's has been allocated the 2 of hearts, so all readers are asked to send in their designs based on this theme, to eventually be compiled into a big patchwork quilt.See the brief here.
  • Austique design a dress competition- like it says on the box, design a dress and win one made exclusively for you, as well as seeing your dress put into production.
  • Steam Cream- stocked exclusively by Liberty in the UK, this wonder cream that evaporates on contact with your skin, comes in a nifty little tin. For their 1st anniversary, they are holding a design competition for a limited edition line.
  • The Ethical Fashion Forum launches its Innovation competition this week to reward talented new designers working in the ethical fashion arena.Judges include Anna Orsini from the British Fashion Council and Liberty's Yasmin Sewell, and winners will be mentored towards showing a collection at London Fashion Week.

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