Monday, 18 May 2009


Mermaids..pangs of jealousy hit me when I woke up this morning to see pictures of Katy Perry emerging from a giant shell a la Ariel. An entire childhood spent swishing my hair around in the pool/sea/bath,legs squished together in a tail, feet flipped out as fins- has left being able to breathe under water number one on my 'most wanted' list of supernatural powers. Anyone else who shares my affection for our mer- relatives, indulge in these aquatic trinkets from Etsy:
Vintage peach shell clutch bag- from Sunbeamed
Adult size custom made mermaid tail- pictured above, from Fairiescloset, and to complete the look:
Mermaid seashell pasties (they chafe a lot less than the real thing)- from BoudoirBetty
Steampunk mermaid earrings- from Ellepaisley

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