Thursday, 21 May 2009

More adventures from the House of Fairytales

I am busy packing my wellies,mac and other wet weather paraphernalia in the hope that it will ensure I don't need them at Hay literary festival this weekend. Whilst I'm super excited about going and spending the weekend with Stephen Fry and other brainy folk, I'm a bit gutted it falls at the same time that so much amazing stuff is going down in London. If you're in the capital over the bank holiday, head to the Tate Modern Art Povera Long weekend. My all time favourite art outfit House of Fairytales will be running workshops, performances, installations and surprises on the lawns of the Tate.Founded by artists Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis, HofF is an arts and education charity that will be collaborating with artists, authors, film makers, composers, seamstresses, inventors and Maypole dancers over the weekend to get everyone into the DIY spirit. Their teen curated venture, Candlelit Matinee will also be holding a cabaret with live bands, comedy and open mic acts. Special guests include Prick Your Finger for knitting shenanigans, Clay Time giant sculpture, Grandmother's bed storytelling from a four-poster and Byrne and Lau's chess laboratory.
House of Fairytales will also be creating a garden at the Chelsea Flower festival, with a procession leaving the site to join activities at the Tate on Sunday 24th.
Watch out for the House of Fairytales Caravan which will be hitting the road for Glastonbury, Latitude, Port Eliot and more...
For what to do with your evenings this weekend, have a look at my Vintagesecret blog.

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