Monday, 4 May 2009

Pyjama party

This weekend Time for Tea are whisking people away to their vintage slumber party, The White Blackbird, in a wonderful mansion outside of London.Promises of pillow fight rings, Victorian seances, burlesque shows in the bath and cinema screenings of black and white classics mean there are precious few tickets still up for grabs. The lucky people who have tickets have, though, been faced with quite a quandary- what to wear to said vintage extravaganza? That baggy old t-shirt you got from the team training day at work certainly won't do. But neither will that skimpy camisole number- you may have to Publictransport it to the pick up points remember!Some sort of cover up will be needed- and as luck would have it, Vintage Secret can help!We have a limited number of original 1930s dressing gowns in stock- give us a shout if you fancy coming and trying one on during the week.
Dolce and Gabbana obviously foresaw the whole resurgence of the sleepover when designing their latest collection- vintage silk PJs all the way (see the ad pictured above)If you can't stretch to D&G prices, have a look at this gorgeous pair on one of my all time favourite sites for lounging about-wear: Hush. If you want to stick to the genuine article, there are all the normal ebay/etsy options- I found a couple of gems here, here and here, and check out these PJs and this smoking jacket for any men you're dragging along.
If you want something a bit daring to wear under your dressing gown,just in case it turns out to be that sort of night (this is more than likely) then log on to La Magia (high tea chemise pictured left ) and invest in some gorgeous vintage inspired undies. Just make sure you contain your excitement and resist the urge to show them off on the tube- we don't want anyone getting done for indecent exposure.


wirrow said...

love ur blog dude:)

Plinth said...

Thankyou, lovely!

Marina said...

I'm going to this! Absolutely cannot wait! Great blog! x

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