Sunday, 23 August 2009

Its a LOVE/HATE thing

Now, despite the fact that I originally thought another big Conde Nast glossy was the last thing we need, I found myself really enjoying the launch issue of LOVE, Katie Grand's post-Pop baby. It wasn't just the brave Beth Ditto cover, but the quirky blue colour and unique LOVE typeface (I realise I'm moving into true magazine geek territory here), but it also featured a diverse range of faces, some great photography and generally an awesome aesthetic. I managed to turn a blind eye to the few pages dedicated to a spread on Pixie Geldof- she as, after all, not Peaches.

But when I got my hands on an early copy of the second edition, I'm afraid I was sorely disappointed. Not only is there oodles more Pixie, the 'Youth' issue features a disturbing number of famous people's kids, doing not much more than being famous people's kids. Pixie herself is credited as musician/singer or something absurd like that- seriously, if I were one of the genuinely talented musicians the magazine features, someone who worked their arse off to make a name for themselves, and then had to sit across the page from someone who's never released any music but is being described as a musician I'd be pretty annoyed.The funniest bit is that in an effort to portray the 'Youth' of today, they show behind the scenes pics of Pixie being an intern at LOVE- read here Pixie trying on clothes and messing around with her mates. How about showing how most interns are unpaid and have to leave work, grab a few hours sleep then head out to their second job so they can afford to pay their rent.I also think new blood/youth is a bit of a cop out as themes go- if they have to do this theme thing can't they at least try and be original- let's have the Blue issue, where everyone's painted blue, or the Biscuit issue with everyone pictured with their favourite biscuit-I'd pay good money for that.
OK, rant over.The whole thing got me thinking about the future of magazines though.As online glossies improve, will we eventually stop buying the hard copies?Personally I think there will always be a place for the mag, and in the same way that people didn't stop buying books post internet, I see the magazine surviving, even if it has to evolve.You can already see this happening in the increase in bi-annual publications which are more like books themselves, and the at the other end of the spectrum- dirt cheap trash like Heat that you leave on the tube or bin after one read.
I'm certainly planning on seriously magging it up for the 15 hour flight I'm going on to San Fransisco this week. To keep you entertained while I'm away, here's a list of some of my favourite online mags to keep you busy:

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