Thursday, 13 August 2009

Press Stress

One of the worst things about being a journalist is the expression that people pull when they hear that's what you do-its generally the sort of face that says, after politicians, lawyers and bankers, you're probably responsible for most of the evil in the world. I have a little speech I give about not being that sort of journalist; that I only write about arts and culture and travel and insignificant stuff like that, none of the 'she's too fat, she's too thin' celebrity malarkey. However, over the last few days, I've had my own share of grief from some of the normally lovely press people I work with. Firstly, as I mentioned in my previous post, my travel article on the Hep Cats holiday vintage dance weekend was published in the Guardian on Saturday. Unfortunately no-one let me know, I only found out through someone else's facebook posting, and as I was house-sitting in the middle of nowhere, I only just managed to get someone to buy me a copy. After a weekend of house partying, said copy is now decidedly dog-eared, and sporting some coffee cup circles etc, so if anyone still has their copy of last Saturday's travel sections, could it come to me rather than recycling when you're done with it?Thanks so much.I've scanned in the images from the paper for people who only got to see the web version- neither hard copy or web version have credits for the photos though- so apologies to Greg and Allison who took some lovely shots.
Another piece I wrote about Vintage Secret (the vintage website I help Naomi Thompson run) came out on the Amelia's magazine webpage, with lots of pics from the great shoot we did with Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton.I also just got my hands on a lovely pic of T & T DJing at the Dragon Bar last month, wearing 1950s swimsuits by Vintage Secret, which I've included here.Anyway, my beef with Amelia's is that they credited the piece to their fashion editor, rather than to moi, the one what wrote it. Know these mistakes happen all too easily, but when people have been writing for you, for FREE, for years, its pretty important to keep them happy with the little things like getting some credit. Check it out anyway by clicking here !
Enough bitching now, sorry for the rant guys. Going to a fancy schmancy party tonight- will post about it

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