Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas Wishlist: FOOD!

I have started my annual pre Christmas diet, through which I usually aim to lose enough weight to be able to eat myself completely silly over the actual festive period,and still end up only slightly heavier than usual. So it is on day 4 of this no carb, no sugar diet that I write this, with a good deal of longing in my stomach.

Laduree are famous for their fabulous Signature Ranges, and this season they've outdone themselves with boxes of Macaroons designed by Christian Louboutin, Swarovski, and even a luxury, gold, Marni set.Wowzers.
(If you want an entirely fat free macaroon option, click here!)

For something a little less ostentatious, opt for Cup Adorning Cookie Cutters, possibly the best dunking related invention since the dunk mug. NotontheHighStreet is one of my favourite shopping sites- stocking stuff from small, artsy, independent companies. This 'Cake is for Life not just for Christmas'mug is another of my faves.

For some seriously cool fake food, invest in some foody jewellery from PetitPlat on Etsy. I want
these Christmas biscuit earrings.

Back to the real stuff though. Cereal is one of my biggest weaknesses, the crunchier the better. Cereal connoisseurs everywhere spend years searching for the perfect granola- but now all searches are over- create your own granola mix on this genius site.

And finally for a cookery book to keep you inspired in the coming year, go for Spooning with Rosie by Brixton's very own domestic goddess Rosie Lovell. Check out my interview with her about her pop-up shop and restaurant here. The shop will be selling her book, but you can also get it on Amazon.

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