Monday, 2 November 2009

Hendrick's Halloween Bash

Well, here you go, just a few naughty pics from the raucous Last Tuesday Society ball at The Troxy. The venue was massive, just a bit too big and a few too many people for my liking- the size and space sort of got in the way of the intimacy the LTS events used to be great for.It was, however, a good opportunity to examine the country's dressing up habits in a sort of David Attenborough documentary style. There were obviously quite a few people who had bought tickets on the basis that the press had dubbed the event somewhere cool,arty, creative types go and also probably on the promise of a fair amount of nudity. Whilst in the queue to get in (yes, I had been given free tickets by Silas, but the queues whether you had tickets or not were both atrocious) my friend Roz and I were stood next to a textbook example of the default costume wearer- someone in a Tigger suit with a bit of fake blood splashed on his face. He did admit that Tigger was brought out for most fancy dress occasions- Tigger plus blood for Halloween, Tigger plus Santa hat for Christmas etc etc. Still he quite rightly pointed out that even default costume wearing is better than the majority of 'sexy Halloween' dressers, or as we dubbed them 'Shalloween' outfits. These are largely young ladies in corsets/hotpants/stuff they have in their wardrobes but acknowledge are just a bit too slutty for everyday use- but ok for Halloween; god forbid they dress up in a manner that makes them look anything other than super sexy! Comfortingly Tigger and his friend reassured Roz and I that men are similarly unimpressed with the fickle Halloween cop-out of sexy dressing. At the other end of the spectrum, there were people who had obviously spent hours and whole months' pay packets on their costumes; elaborate Marie Antoinettes, Elvises and such like were very impressive. The venue was decorated with an array of Autumn fruit and vegetables, as well as numerous dead pheasants from the stock of The Last Tuesday Society Little Shop of Horrors. My favourite bit was the life drawing in the Art room, with models from Kink Ink-at the time I thought my artistic efforts were quite admirable, but having re-examined them in the light of day, I think maybe copious amounts of very reasonably priced Hendrick's gin had something to do with it.
Just to talk you through our costumes- I wore a vintage blue balldress which I got for £20 at a market- it was all falling apart when I found it and has now been with me to Burning Man and back so is a little worse for wear- perfect for the 'Sleeping Beauty' outfit I fashioned- it looks very like it has been slept in for 100 years. My crown was from the Angel's costumiers' massive sale last year, and I used an old beaded clutch of my grandmothers- all covered with a generous layer of cobwebs. Roz was some sort of scary clown- though she still managed to ooze sex appeal all over the place.

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