Thursday, 26 November 2009

Love is the Law

You might have seen a wee shout out for the new Think section of Run-Riot in the Guardian last week-huzzah!All the crazy work putting the new listings together seems worth it now we are getting lots of lovely feedback. One of the first Thinky events I was emailed about was a meeting of The Conversational; described on their site as
'a roaming salon for ideas based in London, where curious, sociable, informed, but slightly jaded people could meet, each time in a different venue around the city, to spark off a more considered, and ultimately more interesting, approach to life in the 21st century.'
They met this week in the gorgeous lingerie shop, 'Bordello', to discuss Love and Lust, with readings from editors of the new magazine Love is the Law. How I've missed this new webzine I don't know, as it has all my favourite stuff; gorgeous photography, illustrations, poetry, articles and all a bit dirty in a classy kind of way, hang on, how do they put it...:
'a lifestyle magazine celebrating sensuality in photography, literature, art & culture. '
Yep. Classy filth.
Everything from fairly tame but sensual advertising campaign photo shoots like Lavazza's, to more risque photographs by up and coming artists, as well as cool contributors like Anne Pigalle, Ladies of Noir and artists The Girls.


The Girls

Above: Atsuko Kudo Latex wear

Right-Yuko Shimizu illustration

Other illustrations from top of the post, by Roxanne Warder, and Lucy Hanks, black and white photograph by LadiesofNoir.

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