Sunday, 22 November 2009

Narcoleptics Anonymous

As some of you may know, I have narcolepsy, and can seldom make it through an all night party without a quick nap. As we get older, I'm finding an increasing number of my non-narcoleptic friends are also prone to indulging in some shut eye at unconventional times, so faced with the prospect of London Decompression which generally wraps up around 6am, my friend Meg and I decided to run a Sleep theme camp for those who want to grab 40 winks. Decompression is a sort of after-party for everyone who went to Burning Man, and for those who couldn't make it, as well as being a taster for anyone thinking about going to the Burn next year. You can get tickets here- I think there are still some but they sell out very very fast and aren't really publicised other than by word of mouth- so if you do consider coming, please check that all this stuff sounds like you and you're not going to rock up from your city job preaching the benefits of capitalism or anything, cos you might get hurt. Decompression parties are some of the best I have ever been to- people spend weeks planning themed areas, from costume camps to cabaret bars, and its always in an alternative party space thats been decorated to the max.There's music, performances, art installations, fashion shows- you name it. Anyway..enough of the background info.. what this post was originally about is Narcoleptics Anonymous- the Sleep theme camp Meg and I will be running. Feeding our penchant for innuendo, our motto is, of course, 'Come sleep with us!' We'll be creating some sort of mattressy bedroom space, and will provide people who need a nap with a warm, soft space to relax- eye-masks and ear plugs will be provided and if you let us know what time you want waking up we'll rouse you with some coffee and a hug. Here's where we need your help-if anyone has any spare mattresses/pillows/blankets/duvets/any sort of sleep equipment that they would be willing to loan or donate to our cause, we would be eternally grateful and shower you with love and naps.Email me at if you can help. Thanks guys!!!!xxx

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