Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Look London Plinth

So do you like the new header for this blog ?I may have got slightly carried away with the London/patriotism theme...but red and white and blue look so nice!I've been busy interviewing the lovely Gabby Young who we styled at Vintage Secret- she's just been interviewed for the Sunday Times and was on the front page of the Evening Standard yesterday- go Gabby! If you haven't bought her album already, you can do so here: Amazon has just listed the album no 36 in the '100 outstanding albums you might have missed in 2009'- they're not wrong either!Hopefully Gabby and some of my other musically talented friends will be taking part in the next series of Bedtime Stories at 40 Winks- I've blogged about the new nights to be curated by famous storyteller and friend of mine,Rachel Rose Reid here. I'm particularly chuffed that India Knight, whose books I adore, has blogged about our new Vintage Secret event- links to this also in the VS blog.
Just to let you all know that Twinkle Troughton is now selling some A2 Giclee prints of one of her most recent pieces; The secret of England's Greatness; above. They are £75 each, only 25 available, so email Twink if you'd like one, details here.
I'm really trying to get more folk reading my blog, and preferably leaving some comments to keep me motivated!I often get to go to fancy schmancy events to review them or write about them, so anyone who posts comments here goes straight onto my list of people to invite whenever I have a plus one- for example tomorrow night I'm going to a book club salon at private members' club Shoreditch house- anyone want to join me? The Soho Literary Salon are actually running a wonderful new 'reading weekend' which I'll be going to over the weekend to write up for The Guardian- it basically involves a lot of lounging around in a beautiful country house, reading books, bibliotherapy sessions, bedtime stories and lots of food and drink- I'm pretty excited!Its also inspired me to get working on my themed Christmas gift wishlists- so before I head off on Friday I'll post the Literary one.I've tried to steer clear of standard categories like 'what to buy for mum' or ' presents for boys' etc, instead my themes include Big Kids- think bows and arrows and real feathered angels wings; you know adults who'd fight kids for stuff like this, right?- and 'Dream on' for ridiculously expensive stuff that neither I nor anyone who might be inclined to buy me anything could afford, but somehow posting pictures about them and sharing my longing with you guys gets it out of my system! Here's a good example:

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Nutmeg said...

Oh man, how much do I want that bed?!?

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