Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tinsel and Twinkle's Traffic Wardening Artventures...

Regular readers will have heard me talk about Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton, two East London artists/DJs/founders of Pushing Pussy Records and altogether multi-talented ladies! Last week they staged a recession friendly free art stunt on the streets of London- dressing up as traffic wardens and patrolling the roads, 'fining' naughty cars with parking ticket envelopes containing limited edition screenprints of their 'It was the best of Times, It was the worst of times' Woolworth's artwork. You can see lots more of their work and read about the ideas behind the giveaway on the Amelia's magazine art blog and on Dazed Digital. There are links to some mini videos we took of the girls here, including an amazingly timed clip I took of the girls; I was filming them standing next to a car they were about to put a ticket on, when the owner rocked up, got in and drove off- not altogether impressed!

Sadly I am a massive youtube retard and can't work out how to flip the footage the right way round- any tips greatly appreciated!Heres some of the girls' more recent artwork, you can see more on their facebook page- where you can also occasionally catch some of their limited edition prints for sale- so become a fan and stay tuned!

Shoebox by Tinsel

The Secret of England's Greatness? By Twinkle

EXTRA!!!new coverage in POP and a few blogs, here and here.

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