Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas at number 42

Artist and set designer Tony Hornecker turned his home into THE pop-up restaurant of 2009, Behind the Pale Blue Door. Extended run after extended run finally led to The Architectural Foundation hiring Tony to turn one of their rooms into a pop up village- a set of tiny houses and rooms styled on Tony's own home. My boyfriend and I were sat in the 'Toolshed', but other rooms included a toilet! All underneath a sky of cotton wool clouds.The Christmas venue was an immediate sell-out, but the boy and I managed to get a couple of cancellations last week. The food and whole experience was very like Behind the Pale Blue Door- so I'm going to do lazy blogging and direct you back to my original post here. The drag act was different-I didn't catch the name of this one but he/she did an amazingly acrobatic bake off/strip off featuring umm..a microwave and stuff.Twas great stuff.

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