Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas wishlist: JEWELLERY!

Here are some of my favourite jewellery picks- lots from Etsy, the absolute best place to get accessories if you ask me- you're guaranteed something completely unique, and the prices are usually very reasonable. Having said that, some of these are very much 'wishlist' items; completely unaffordable but nice to dream about..

Octopus Tentacle earrings- my lovely man is getting me these for Christmas- yay!Prices vary depending on the number and thickness of tentacles.

Angel's song Big bib star necklace, $99 If you're crafty, you might even be able to make one like this yourself- another great thing about etsy is its a super place to find inspiration for your own projects.

How cute are these Macaroon earrings? And only $13.

I love these rings- very like the recent YSL ones but cheaper and noone else will have one!

Stephanie Simek's quail egg necklace, £110 from one of my favourite stores, The Shop Floor Project.

Fox jewellery has been made pretty trendy by the likes of Zoe and Morgan; Fox is my mother's maiden name so we've always collected foxy stuff -it also makes my Porn star name (pet name+mothers maiden name) Tessa Fox; on hold should I need alternative career options....Anyway, this silver fox ring is lovely, $175.

I also like snakey jewellery a la Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt collaboration with Asprey- though this is a lot less ostentatious at £87.

At £299,this Jacey Withers mermaid necklace is truly out of my price range, but very very pretty indeed.

If you're up for something really different, try this clear bubble necklace, $24


flashtrash said...

Hey Check out my online jewellery boutique for more individual jewellery designers!

Liv Lundelius said...

i am jewelry addict! like the fox ring a lot but i would prefer gold, count me in for the YSL-like rings and the macaroons.

TheBeautyFile said...

Lovely! I adore those rings and my dog looks just like that little fox! So cute!

Plinth said...

They do the fox ring in gold too, but its a tad pricey...

{Tara} said...

That bib necklace is just gorgeous! And, I love the wolf ring, too...though I would want it in gold! Thanks for the link to the set designer/restauranteur, by the way.

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