Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My 101 things to do list

Instead of a couple of puny New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to opt for a long term action plan.Things on it are also much less like resolutions and more like nice places I want to go/thing I want to do/stuff I want to eat etc etc. I was inspired to compile this by a brilliant new blog I've started reading- Nothing Elegant by the lovely Tara.(Her list contains many more sensible academic ambitions and so forth)So anyway, here you go, this is what I'm hoping to get up to, though having to figure out how I can travel to all the lovely places without leaving a whopping great carbon footprint..anyone want to build a boat with me?Also, how much money is our government investing in teleportation research?Cos I would vote for people who made that a priority.

P.S I cheated a bit by including some stuff I've already done in italics- I find lists with nothing crossed off them too daunting..
  1. Visit the Pyramids

  2. Ride on an elephant

  3. Go to Moroccco

  4. Go to Flipside festival, Texas

  5. Grow a vegetable garden

  6. Get all my good photographs printed and mounted

  7. own a SMEG fridge

  8. Learn to paint

  9. Go on a horse riding holiday in India

  10. Take up dancing again

  11. Take a roadtrip of America

  12. Learn to surf

  13. Visit Machu Picchu

  14. Lose weight and learn to eat healthily

  15. Write a piece on Gifford's circus

  16. Style a beautiful black and white photoshoot

  17. Grow my hair long again

  18. Own my own house/flat

  19. Wallpaper a room

  20. Go to New Zealand

  21. Go to a fancy schmancy awards ceremony, preferably the BAFTAS

  22. Learn to drive

  23. Swim with dolphins

  24. Make myself one of those multiple vintage mirror things from Anthropologie

  25. Learn to play the guitar

  26. Visit Frida Kahlo's home

  27. Go to Port Eliot Literature festival

  28. Own a vintage,free-standing bathtub

  29. Build a treehouse

  30. Spend Dios de los Muertos in Mexico

  31. Go to Burning Man, Nevada

  32. Own a Vivienne Westwood dress

  33. Sleep under the stars

  34. Make a patchwork quilt like a scrabble board

  35. Learn how to read Tarot cards

  36. Visit Alaska

  37. Go to Glastonbury and stay in a luxury airstreamer or one of the beach huts

  38. Write a book (and get it published)

  39. Make some babies

  40. Visit Petra, Jordan

  41. Invest in some original artwork

  42. Publish an article in Vogue

  43. Design an album cover

  44. Learn to speak Arabic

  45. Visit Ireland

  46. Spend Christmas in new York

  47. Go skinny dipping

  48. Learn to play the piano

  49. Be a bridesmaid

  50. Pay off my student Loan

  51. Travel on an overnight train

  52. Design a dress and have it made

  53. Get a really good tan

  54. Try wearing coloured contact lenses

  55. Get a tattoo

  56. Go on safari

  57. Go to the Edinburgh festival

  58. Have my feet Henna'd in India

  59. Own some beautiful globetrotter luggage

  60. Own a Luella handbag

  61. Have my own perfume created at Penhaligon's

  62. See the northern lights

  63. Learn to keep houseplants alive

  64. Set up a shop on Etsy to sell things I've made

  65. Learn to do my hair in a vintage style

  66. Collect a set of vintage crockery

  67. Stay in the ice hotel

  68. Go on a cookery course

  69. Rent a villa in Tuscany for a summer

  70. Climb a mountain

  71. Have a birthday cake made by Konditor and Cook

  72. Run a stall at a market

  73. Throw an Alice in Wonderland tea party

  74. Do some charity work

  75. Decorate a Christmas tree with all natural ornaments

  76. Re-upholster a piece of furniture

  77. Make curtains

  78. Own a chaise-longue

  79. Ride on a motorbike

  80. Work on an archaeological excavation

  81. Pose for a portrait

  82. Wear an Alice Temperley dress

  83. Have a vintage style suit made

  84. Cook a full Xmas dinner

  85. Remember to send everyone birthday cards on time

  86. Holiday in a tee-pee, yurt and vintage airstreamer

  87. Visit a Christmas market in Germany

  88. Give a lecture

  89. See an animal give birth

  90. Learn how to hula hoop

  91. Write a screenplay

  92. Play poker

  93. Spend the night in a museum or big department store(harder now with CCTV/motion detection technology)

  94. Make a piece of art I'm happy with (and that Ib lets me put on the wall)

  95. Have a corset made by Mr Pearl

  96. Run all over lawns where there are 'keep off the grass' signs

  97. Get my website sorted

  98. House train a rabbit

  99. publish my own zine

100. Um, spend less time writing lists and more time doing the stuff on this list..


{Tara} said...

Wasn't it fun making this list!!?? If you ever decide to come for a roadtrip in the U.S., let me know --- I love a good road trip! Happy New Year...

Liv Lundelius said...

alright: thats quite a list !
a lot of great hings on there.
i am really inspired now to write one for myself.
maybe not the right timing since paying of student loan and stuff like that would have to be my priority right now.
all the best for 2010

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