Friday, 4 December 2009

People I know writing and drawing lovely things!

When it was still in print, Amelia's magazine was my all time favourite glossy- great articles, bang-on predictions about stars of the future, cutting edge fashion shoots and amazing illustrations. The online blog has gone from strength to strength thanks to the hard work of a stream of enthusiastic interns; it has now been named in the top 25 art blogs by Creative Tourist. I've done a fair bit of contributing for the site myself; have a look here.

Anyway, now Amelia has combined her passion for new illustrators with her role as climate change activist, to create the wonderfully relevant Anthology. Imagining a world in the future where no fossil fuels are burnt, the illustrations depict an imaginative utopia- the sort of creativity that we need to rely on to solve the mess we've got our planet into.

Here are some extracts from the magazine, if you order your copy online now Amelia will sign your copy herself with any message you like (within reason, I'm sure.)Or pop along to the launch at Concrete on Tuesday.

Today I went to the All I want for Xmas fair at The Truman Brewery, and fell for a new illustrator- Zarina Liew. I bought a mini zine by Zarina called The Art of Sleep- fairly appropriate given my narcolepsy and the sleep camp I am running at the Burning Man Decompression party tomorrow, have a look at these images- they are the cutest!

Another illustrator I have just discovered is Wirrow- or perhaps I should say rediscovered, as he and I actually went to primary and secondary school together in Cyprus!Small world and all that. Anyway, his Tiny Stories series makes me all gooey inside.

And finally, Mademoiselle Robot has somehow found time to write a book about her style crushes, including interviews with The Belles of Black Diamond Field, Matthew Gray Gubler, Steve Damstra, Nubby Twiglet, Pippa Brooks, Minna Parikka and Caitlin Shearer; just some of the characters MR has featured over the last two years on her blog.

So now, feeling like I have achieved very very little compared to these people, I'm off to run a sleep camp. Ooh, but my piece on the reading weekend I went to should be in The Guardian Travel section tomorrow- check it out!xxx

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