Sunday, 10 January 2010

Beautiful Bugs

Thought I'd give you an update on the goings on at The Last Tuesday Society. In their new gallery/shop on Mare street you can catch the first Strange Attractor installation. SA has made a name for itself showcasing unpopular culture- the weird and the wonderful in the form of talks, shows, screenings and performances.Visit The Little Shoppe of Horrors before the 31st January to see a wide range of media (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, sound and video) from both trained and untrained artists. The assembled exhibitors all share Strange Attractor’s fascinations with inner space, craft, science (natural and unnatural) and the fantastic.

I was thrilled to see Tessa Farmer amongst the artists on show- I absolutely LOVE her creepy wasp- riding, skeletal fairies- reminiscent of the darker origins of fairy and goblin folklore, before they were sweetened up for the nursery. Her pieces were previously exhibited at The Natural History Museum and perfectly complement Viktor Wynd's enthusiasm for taxidermy.Its the sort of thing that would make my mother say,'its not very nice, is it darling?'which of course it isn't,but its also so grotesquely fascinating that you can't look away.

One of my favourite jewellers, Kelly McCallum is similarly inspired by nature and death, decay, combined with precious metals and stones.

If you're after something less disturbing, head to the Last Tuesday Society's renaissance masked ball at the V&A on 29th January.Expect music, performances, fashion shows and prizes for the best mask and costume. The fabulous Dan Cruickshank (father of wonderul make-up artist and colleague of mine Bella) will be giving tours of the renaissance gallery, and my personal favourites, The Little Theatre of Dolls; have a look at some of their fairytale work here. I like the bit where the perfume lady goes 'pouf,pouf, pouf' !

The Story Machine from Raisa Veikkola on Vimeo.


Plinth said...

Gaaaaah- taking the taxidermy thing too far for my liking:

Amanda said...

I just wanted to say hello and that i'm honoured to be nominated with you (on shrimp salad circus-i'm in the food category). you have a great blog! have a creative day :)

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