Friday, 15 January 2010

Follow Fridays

So I have recently been sucked into the heady world of Twitter, and am gradually learning the jargon. Initially, I thought that people telling each other to #FF must mean something very rude, but no!Its just a friendly shoutout telling your followers who they should follow this Friday.So, as its Friday, I thought I'd do a sort of blog Follow Friday- the sites and blogs that are doing it for me at the mo:

Mademoiselle Robot- long time friend of Vintage Secret has done a lovely preview of our next Tart event and interview with Naomi here. Her blog is just full of gorgeous stuff and great style tips, she is oh so French and really has that'je ne sais quoi'.. Twitter ID:
LoveMyDressBlog - Discovered this gorgeous blog and blogger through Twitter, and am now set to write a guest post for her- will let you know when. Annabel is super enthusiastic about vintage fashion and weddings, documenting them beautifully e.g here- I want those tights so badly!(you can get them here.)Annabel also blogged about my Palpitations shoot and dedicated this action-packed post to me! Find her on Twitter:
Other Blogs I'm glued to right now: Dark and beautiful This is largely a blog of beautiful fashion photos where models get their tits out. Sounds sleazy, but actually all the images are incredibly stunning and remind you just why everyone is so obsessed with boobs cos they are SO pretty!!! Journalist and author India Knight never fails to fascinate with her quirky posts. Also a great one to follow on Twitter, she is witty as hell. Heard about this one from India, and am completely in love. Artist Sophie Blackall is inspired by messages on 'Missed Connections' websites. Her pictures are so cute, and full of so much hope and optimism that maybe these people somehow ended up getting together. You can also get prints of her work from her Etsy shop. Lovely picturey site.
Betsy gives great weekend links which will keep you inspired for days- Vintage Secret was one of them last year.

Of course so many non-blogger people to follow on Twitter too- lots of great musicians keep in touch with their fans that way- follow who I'm about to start working with on something incredibly exciting- whole new post for that, possibly even a whole new blog...

Also the Correspondents who I interviewed last night for the London Fashion Week issue of Station magazine. Here they are relaxing on the bed at Black's after I had had my filthy way with them.

Hope this has convinced you to tweet if you haven't before- please do follow me, Vintage Secret, and Run Riot. Have finally mastered our new CMS for the VS website, so our Observer recommended events page is up to date again- check it out. (FYI, I figured out how to use the new CMS before my bfriend who is Head of IT- I WILL NEVER LET THIS GO!)


Annabel said...

Wow, so many fabulous links, that's my next hour of scheduled writing out the window! This is a fabulous Blog Katie - I love your wit and style - you have me wanting to click on all and every link in these pages. Keep inspiring me please xXx

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