Friday, 8 January 2010

Laughing Elephant

I have recently found someone possibly more obsessed with List making than I am, as illustrated in her most recent blog post(here's another great site for list addicts if you need a fix!) In this last entry,Tara also recommended an American site called Laughing Elephant which I've just spent hours trawling through as it indulges my passion for entirely unnecessary but beautiful coffee- table books, vintage children's illustrators, journals,stationery, giclee prints and stickers. Oh, and mermaids.

I was utterly useless this year and never got round to posting ANY Christmas cards, so am going to spend one of these snowy weekends 'catching up on my correspondence' a la Austen and getting in touch with everyone I neglected during the festive chaos.Other great sites I'll be ordering from for quirky stationery are Shelf, Rifle and Lapin and me.

Where better to start the list making of 2010 than in a vintage style French Cahier?

Thinking about Valentine's Day already?My man and I don't really celebrate it, but I'm considering sending my girlfriends these very twee vintage notecards.

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