Saturday, 23 January 2010

Make Your Case

Very brief post as its 6am Sunday morning and have been unable to sleep for the last few hours, but starting to feel like it might become a possibility soon. But while wondering aimlessly round the internet clicksing on stuff, I found this incredible site that lets you design (with the help of artists)your own i-phone case. You choose the artist whose style you want to mimic, then a coloured background, then you can either spray paint the artists features of handpick them individually and create a design. They cost just under $50 including postage from the States- I am definitely getting one as I swear by my i-phone cover; my phone would be dead by now without it, I'm sure-but I hate that it's just boring and black and rubbery looking. Currently totally torn between something girly (above) and something dark(below).Please help me decide!

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