Saturday, 16 January 2010

Swinging and Hookahs at the V&A

Now calm down, I'n not referring to the kinky sort of swinging or the alternative spelling of hookahs, merely to my favourite bits of the wonderful Maharajas exhibition at the V&A. The ancient artwork is just stunning- and weirdly similar to some modern stuff- lots of prints and very stylized. One picture showed a maharaja standing on a swing with one of his wives- below the picture it explained;''when the rains came, men and women would celebrate on swings"- awesome! We don't do enough swinging these days (still not the kinky kind)- next time you have something to celebrate- have a go on the swings!Weeeee!And my other favourite image which made me burst out laughing- my mum had to shush me- was one of a man and woman lying under a blanket smoking from an Indian pipe.It said underneath 'Husband and wife relaxing in bed with a hookah' Hahahahahah!Perhaps a symptom of too much time spent with my 15 year old brother...

Even for those of you thinking,' history, art..yawn..', you'd probably change you're mind when you got to the Princely India section- a 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom is on display, as well as amazing retro furniture from the 30s, diamonds and emeralds from Cartier and classic Cecil Beaton photographs of Indian style icons like Sita Devi, pictured here.

Nowhere is the influence of the West on India illustrated better than in these portraits of Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II of Indore - in both traditional and modern, western dress, 1929.

This is the FINAL weekend of the exhibition, so go now if you want to catch it.

Other great events on at the moment include stylist JohnnyBlueEye's 'Love for Sale' at Machine A- Johnny's hand-me-down vintage and designer fashion and art for sale- go between 4 and 5 pm if you want to catch Johnny performing or having tea with his friends in the window.
The White Blackbird are running another country house party- this time the theme is Tweed!You can currently win tickets over on our Vintage Secret blog-just leave a comment.Good luck!


Annabel said...

This looks incredible - I wish the V&A were nearer, it's such an awe-inspiring place. What a fabulous exhibition, thanks for sharing Katie,
Annabel xXx

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That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

hookahs said...

This is really awesome! I love the exhibition. I hope I could witness the next one. Thank you for sharing this with us and more power to you!

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