Monday, 22 February 2010

The Launch of Miss Kiki Salon Presents

I've already blogged about this on the MKSP blog here, so won't be long, just wanted to post a couple of pics, one of Gabby Young looking gorgeous as ever, and one of my mum and sister and me all at the launch- so nice for them to get to see something I've worked on for once. There was a funny moment where my mum told me off for being on the phone tweeting.I pointed out that this was my JOB, but she clearly does not buy that at all.

Anyway, good time had by all, Gabby's singing utterly amazing as always; book tickets to her next gig now here, and follow her LFW diary here. Also the amazing MKSP scarves are finally available to buy online; only 50 of each scarf were made, so get in there sharpish if you want one; I have Pandora which is the one Gabs is wearing in the pic above.

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