Monday, 22 February 2010

London know..

London Fashion Week. Yadda yadda yadda.And before you suggest it, yes, this attitude IS probably a lot to do with the fact that I haven't been invited to any of the really cool shows/got any of the goodie bags/become BFF with any hot celebs/designers.I openly admit that all these elements factor into what I can only describe as the 'meh' attitude I have towards LFW this year. The thing about following the fashion and celebrity clan is that most of the time its like watching a pretty rubbish soap, but then once or twice a year, you know they're going to haul out a real stonker of an episode; so everyone tunes in. And sometimes that's really successful, but other times you realise that actually you haven't been watching the soap for a while now and you're not sure who everyone is and really you can't see why you ever watched it in the first place cos its all a bit rubbish. Then people start talking about how you just don't get it cos you're not a proper fan and having been paying attention, so then you feel all left out and like maybe it IS just because you don't know what you're talking about and that maybe shoulder pads ARE actually cool again and Eastenders is actually an accurate portrayal of society today.Whatever. Fact is, I stopped following the fickle flow of fashion a while ago now and as a result LFW just seems like a bit of a joke.I suppose it doesn't help that the fashion I really care about and work with most of the time is vintage or vintage inspired, which doesn't feature big time in the global fashion week franchise. Anyway, I'll talk you through the couple of things I've been to and try to sound, you know, like I know what I'm talking about and give a toss etc.
Thanks to the editor of Deen magazine I got to go to the Maria Grachvogel show on Friday- and don't get me wrong, I'm UBER grateful that I had the chance to see something.Cos like the whole tuning in just to glimpse a bit of that special episode shindig, you really have to go to a bit of LFW just to check you're not missing out. It was all quite classic and nice and meh, some tie-dye sort of prints etc. Yasmin le Bon was there, she looked about 20. And Erin oConnor. Best fashion try-hard spotted here; girl wearing Jesus style crown of twigs/thorns. excellent effort.
On Saturday I was beginning to feel a bit deathy, snot head starting to set in, so only went to Belle Sauvage at On/Off. Cool prints here, and some leathery stuff, all a bit Xena Warrior princess meets 5th Element. Weird big hair made them look like Ridley Scott's Alien also weirdy Super Slow Zombie walk which did at least mean we waited around for an hour to see models walking up and down for 10 minutes rather than waiting around for an hours to see models walking up and down for 5 minutes.RESULT.They also had some good plaits in the hair which I tried to get a decent picture of, and I'm always a fan of big eyeliner, even if it is a bit death-stare here.

On Saturday I did also get to go and see Lee Klabin's amazing showroom. She counts Dita von Teese and Sarah Jessica Parker ( who wore the feathered corset pictured) amongst fans, and has sort of reinvented the corset so that it flatters your boobs rather than squishing them flat.See; any fashion I do get excited about is based on pretty old-fashioned principles! Gabby Young has worn lots of Lee's pieces in music videos, and for performances and the like; you can read more from Gabby in her LFW diary on Run-Riot.
Yesterday I came down with a really gawd-awful cold which is great, cos now I have an excuse (thats not 'I wasn't invited') not to go to anymore LFW stuff.

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