Valentines Day, eh?Who is it for? Depressing if you're single,and a complete non-event once you're in a long term relationship, it seems to be aimed at couples who have been together maybe a fortnight tops,people who are still excited enough about seeing their date naked that they'll spend money on ridiculously unnecessary gifts and expensive restaurants.Well none of that here on Run-Riot!Here's our guide to all the awesome people we know who've thought, 'Valentines Day?Let's have everyone over for a party, some bedtime story telling, hula hooping, clothes swapping,temporary tattooing, soft porn and pancakes!Huzzah!'

Not sure how long your current fling will last?That's what temporary tattoos are for!And who better to offer them than Vogue favourite Anya Hindmarch. Pop into her Notting Hill store from the 11-13 February to adorn your body with your beloved's name, for the time being anyway...

Feeling filmy? Head to lingerie store Bordello for some silver screen 'Sensophilia' from movie buff collective Today is Boring. Kicking off with Jean Cocteau's masterpiece, La Belle et La Bete, the evening promises to deteriorate culturally as a selection of silent film era pornography is also shown.Perhaps not one for first dates.

If you'd rather let your imagination conjure up the images, then head to 40 Winks for some bedtime stories, curated by the fabulous Rachel Rose Reid.On the 9th,10th and 11th February the tales will be romantically themed; dress code of pyjamas and nighties strictly enforced.

If all this is sounding a little too sedate then maybe Rock a Hula is for you- with hula hooping and 'speed dancing' beginners swing lessons you'll be equally at home with a partner, on your own or with a group of mates. Similarly, Swap-a-Rama certainly doesn't take the V day gig too seriously,proudly giving Love a bad name. When the klaxon sounds, you must swap an item of clothing with whoever's closest- could get kinky.

Now if you're seriously on the look out for a date, perhaps you'd consider speed dating; not the conventional kind but something altogether more inspiring at the Arcola Theatre.Live Art Speed Dating involves both artists and actors, so be warned, things might get messy.

On Shrove Tuesday 16th February Ms Marmite Lover will be hosting a singles Pancake night at her underground restaurant, widely credited with kick-starting the whole restaurant- in- your- living- room trend. Billed as an Anti-Valentine's Day affair, come on your own, or with a friend-boys this is one for you as I know that there are already loads of ladies going; you get fed pancakes and introduced to single women, so what are you waiting for?Tickets here for BOYS, here for GIRLS.

Valentine's Gift guide to follow shortly, in the mean time here's a post I wrote about the best vintage inspired undies around.