Sunday, 28 March 2010

Arthur Rackham's Undine hits the silver screen

I haven't yet been to see the Colin Farrell film entitled 'Ondine' based on the Irish fairytale about a fisherman finding a mermaid in his nets.Is she a mermaid?Is she even real? Is she good, or bad?A film of the story could be totally amazing, I can only hope it lives up to my expectations, and to the iconic illustrations by Arthur Rackham which accompanied early publications. A Rackham is my favourite golden age illustrator, I'm so in awe of how he depicts the waves in these images, as well as Undine's eerie beauty; see for yourself:

There's currently a very, very rare copy of the book Undine, illustrations by Arthur Rackham, on ebay. If you've just been paid, grab it.It's my birthday in May, by the way.

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