Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter eggs.

Short post, as its five in the morning, but I can't
sleep so have been researching Easter eggs. Whilst I'm not a snob about Cadburys rubbish, my problem is that its very easy to eat an awful lot of it, so ive learnt in recent years to ask for very expensive, posh chocolates for Easter as then you receive far fewer, and they tend to be too rich to scoff in one sitting.I went into Rococo chocolates yesterday where they have an amazing range of Easter goodies, including some real hen's eggshells that have been filled with praline.SKILLS!Don't think they're featured on the online store, but this house of amazing chocolate quails eggs is. Also check out Libertys for all the Prestat and Charbonnel et Walker classics. Hope and Greenwood also have a really nice selection for kids.

1 comment:

Martin O'London said...

Ah, Rococo.
The best thing in Worlds End (apart from the 2nd-hand bookshop, of course).

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