Thursday, 18 March 2010

Quilts and Wallpaper- ROCK ON!

Those of you who've read my list of things I want to do in my life, will know that I have a great love of both quilts and wallpaper; two of my ambitions involve wallpapering a room and sewing a quilt like a scrabble board.This is not just because I've carefully planned ahead so that I have some things on the list to do when I'm ancient, but because I genuinely do have a mild obsession with anything printed. I recently got to choose the curtain fabric for my room at my parents' new house, spent a blissful hour in Osbourne and Little on King's road where they also stock Liberty prints...swoooon!(I went for a pale blue covered in butterflies; dreamy.)
So when I heard there were major exhibitions of both my favourite things this year I was pretty chuffed. The V&A are exhibiting quilts dating back to 1700, as well as recent examples by Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry.The quilts are also grouped thematically, with some surprising issues raised; the quilt below was made by convicts on board the HMS Rajah in 1841. Open from 20th March to 4th July 2010.

If you fancy making your own quilt (it can't JUST be me) The Papered Parlour are offering a quilt-making workshop on Good Friday, 2nd April. Its £77.50, and you need to bring a piece of fabric you want to use; maybe an old dress you love?You can actually find old Liberty prints on ebay and etsy for pretty reasonable prices. Bespoke quilt maker Cassandra Ellis will be helping you create something wonderful.

Occasionally I do acknowledge that its necessary to leave London, and I may have to do so to visit the Wallpaper exhibition at the Whitworth museum in Manchester. Featuring work by Andy Warhol, David Shrigley and Damien Hirst as well as older, more traditional examples, the 'Walls are Talking' show looks at cultural influences and deeper issues, with walls adorned with everything from Barbie to blood.

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