Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More music videos...

Know I've been bombarding you with videos recently,very lazy blogging I know, but have had my sister's 18th, my boyfriends 30th, my baby sister's 8th and my 26th birthday all in the space of about 3 weeks, so crazy busy!
I was sadly having my birthday shenanigans the same night Gabby Young and Other Animals played the Jazz Cafe, but you can read all about how amazing it was on the awesome Emerging Fervour site, and even see a secret backstage video of a NEW SONG below.

Stunning photo above by the uber talented Anthony Mark Saul. Gabby and I found the showstopping fringed body she's wearing on ebay-best part of my job by far!

Stephen Ellis is one of Gabby's animals (also her boyfriend!)and also a member of Revere.If you like Arcade Fire, one of my personal favourites, then listen to this new track from Revere, it has a similar spine-tinglingy, goosebumpy effect on me:

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