Friday, 21 May 2010

Water Crystal Art

Crystal of water that has been exposed to the words 'Love/Appreciation'

Last night I went to a poetry-reading event, and one of the poets read a piece inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto. The scientist has exposed water crystals to different pieces of music and words in a number of languages.Perhaps its not so surprising that the vibrations of music can influence the crystalisation process, but, as Dr Mae- Wan-Ho observes:

' Emoto’s group showed that water can even respond to words. The same distilled water to start with, one tube had the message, "Thank you" written on it, while the other one had, "You fool!" The one with "Thank you" gave nice crystals, whereas the one with "You fool!" gave no crystals at all, and was very similar to the results produced by exposing the water to heavy metal music. And it did not matter which language was used: Japanese, Korean or English. The results were very similar."Love/Appreciation" gave a most elaborate, decorous crystal, so did "Soul". "Demon" (removing the left part from the Chinese character for soul) led to something that looks like a disintegration of the soul crystal. "Angel" made the crystal burst forth in a multitude of flowers, while "Devil" looked distinctly sinister.Even names were read by water. "Adolph Hitler" looked like "You make me sick" or "I will kill you".

Whether you buy into all this stuff or not, the crystals ARE beautiful- and the whole study very interesting.

Crystal of water that have been exposed to the words 'thank you'

Crystal of water that have been exposed with a playing of Kawachi Folk Dance Song

Crystal of water that have been exposed with a playing of Bach's
"Goldberg Variations".

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