Sunday, 13 June 2010

Juno Says Hello

Need an outfit for a summer wedding?for Ascot?or Wimbledon?(see I do get involved in SOME national pastimes, just don't expect my blog to feature the world cup or Big Brother anytime soon) One of my favourite luxury vintage sites, 'Juno Says Hello' is opening up their studio for a summer shopping event this Thursday 17th June.
Founded by the lovely Rebecca Rose, JSH stocks a wide range of beautiful designer pieces by the likes of Balmain, Pucci and Oscar de la Renta, as well as some amazing couture pieces; check out this stunning ballgown- its available to hire too which I think is a great service to provide; sometimes you want to splash out a bit on something really special to wear, but if you're not sure you'll have many opportunities to wear it again, parting with a lot of cash can seem silly.Which is why hiring is such a great compromise.I am totally converted to the 'hiring a designer bag' trend which Kennedy Purple introduced me to when they kindly lent me a Balenciaga bag for a week; a little bit of luxury is lovely for those of us who can't afford it full time!

I went along to the last JSH sale at Home House where I met the team (see photo below);except for Juno, Rebecca's gorgeous dog who I was only introduced to at a later date- I think you should get to meet her on the 17th though!My favourite piece at the last sale was this caped cocktail ensemble- whatever happened to capes?I LOVE a good cape! Whilst they might be a no-no for the cast of 'The Incredibles', I am constantly trying to find an excuse to add capes to my dresses; this one is just stunning, as is the matching coat.

They also have a great Poolside Glamour section of the site, perfect if, like me, you'd rather leave as much to the imagination as possible. Hope to see you there on Thursday!

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