Friday, 16 July 2010

Autumn Winter 2010



The world of fashion is a weird old place, even Time doesn't work the same there. Its Christmas in July and everyone's planning what we'll be wearing next Spring before we've even had a proper summer. And would we still end up wearing those trends if we hadn't been told we'd end up wearing them??This is up there with the time travel paradoxes of Terminator, Back to the Future, Lost et al.

Richard Chai LoveDries Van Noten

Usually I don't get involved and base my wardrobe instead on quite how rainy it is when I look out of the window, but given our recent bout of sunshine, I find myself looking forward to hanging up my razor, donning some woolly tights and lavishing in one particular Autumn Winter 2010 look ; Vogue has termed it 'Grunge Glamour'. Pioneered by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, this involves a maxi skirt (my best friend) teamed with a jumper. The models often sported delicious cable knit woollies, but since these make even size zero pros look a little on the chunky side, I'll be steering clear of them in favour of fine knits with a skinny belt. Plus big boots,big woolly hat and plenty of kohl. First I must get through Festival season though...
Michael Kors


My New Favourite Thing said...

Love the Dries van Noten look!

Anonymous said...

I love the grey Michal Kors and the Erdem - but I always love Erdem!

I'm running a jewelry competition on my blog: feel free to come enter!

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