Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Blogger's Delight- a cheeky post

This is without a doubt the cheekiest post I have ever written. I went to a super bloggers' meetup last week, and wanted to tell you all about it, but am overcome with jealousy at the fancy things other blogs have done with their pics and stuff, so have decided to just link you straight to everyone else's pieces and have done with it.
So here are some of the bloggers who've written about our night out:
Alex Loves
Lira Leirner
Swell Vintage
Natasha Bailie
Mariana Moyano- Sketchbook Magazine
And the night was organised by the lovely Fiona from Save Our Shoes. So there you go.check out their blogs and the links they include to all the other smashing folk I met. Lazy?Me? *prepares to be ousted from blogging community*


Alex Loves said...

Mannnn this is so the post I wanted to write.



Natasha Bailie said...

I wish I wrote this

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