Friday, 9 July 2010

BUST Craftacular

BUST magazine has been going for a mighty 16 years now, promoting the arts and crafts movement long before buzz words like 'upcycling',' green' or 'recession friendly' thrust the wartime 'make do and mend' mentality back into the spotlight. Tomorrow they'll be taking over York Hall in Bethnal Green with over 60 craft stalls, DJS and alternative food court. You can colour in your own accessories with quirky jewellery pioneers Tatty Devine,(the KINGS of cool collaborations- see their work with the likes of Rob Ryan, Charlie le Mindu and most recently, the legend that is Mrs Jones) do your own screenprinting with Mr Wingate and attend a fascinator workshop with the Make Lounge. LadyfestTen are distributing their zine LadyCraft there, featuring a piece I've written about Gabberdashery, the crafts project Gabby Young and I are running. As well as DJs providing the tunes, there'll be a lindy hop beginners class from Swing Patrol from 5.30-7pm; I cannot recommend swing dance enough, it is dead easy (if you're a girl you just have to follow!)but really good fun and makes you feel like someone out of Mad Men. I went on a swing dance holiday as a complete novice and was instantly hooked, you can read about it in The Guardian here.
I am gagging to get there in time for the goody bags that will be given to the first 100 to arrive- get there at 12, sharp!Admission £2.Come and say hi if you see me; I will be wearing...Gawd, I've no idea yet, but check my twitter feed tomorrow. CraftacularUK are tweeting about some of the highlights coming up tomorrow- I am getting pretty excited.Looking forward to scouting around for some new Gabberdashery contributors!


Lucy said...

oh man! I so wish I coulda gone to this! Bust are amazing :) hope you enjoyed it!

Plinth said...

aw, dont worry, I'm writing it up for BitchBuzz with lots of pics,should be online next week!

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