Monday, 5 July 2010

15 ways to describe rain

Found this wonderfully eerie video via BloodMilk , I love the music. The very kind Katie Rose saw me tweet about the video and offered to translate it for me- how kind! So this is what it says:

15 ways to describe the rain

Round 1,

15 ways to describe the rain

1-the falling curtain of the godly theatre

2-the key to growth

3-an irresolvable problem

4-stay at home, look out the window

5-the burden of our clothes

6-the most patient file

7-an atmosphere

8-quietness in movement

9-a smell

10-threads that no one can cut

11-the invention of infinity

12-the water-metronome

13-to fly without wings

14-thwarted excursions

15-the conservatory of silence

Thanks to Bloodmilk for sharing this link, and to Katie Rose for translating it for us!

1 comment:

A Digital Girl with an Analogue Heart said...

Love this video. Thanks for sharing the link Katie xx

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