Wednesday, 14 July 2010

More offers and competitions

Occasionally I clear out my make-up bag and get rid of all the products that have been open for well over a year and used once if they're lucky; gloopy nail varnishes, mascaras that didn't work, dried up cream blushers and melted lipsticks. This weekend you can give your dressing table a good make-over by taking all the old rubbish to an Illamasqua counter and replacing them with brand new products which you can get 25% off.

My friend and colleague Gabby Young recently got a goody package from Illamasqua and now totally swears by their stuff, especially their mascara which she says stayed on throughout performances despite, sweaty, festival heat. For more details you can read Illamasqua's blog here; I particularly enjoyed their cheeky play on the names of other make-up labels!Both Gabby ,her make-up artist Jennifer Nash and I are all really happy to be supporting a new,independent British brand; we're all huge fans of Joe (son of Viv Westwood) Corre and Alex Box; the awesome make-up artist behind the label; I've posted some of her iconic work here.

Illamasqua is stocked on ASOS which is currently running a really cool competition with Magnum; I have been entering everyday but have still not won.sigh.Have a go yourself here; you can win a whole new wardrobe from ASOS, you just have to 'steal' everything you want in under a minute.

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