Friday, 30 July 2010

Old School

I recently came across the work of photographer Ellen Rogers via Susie Bubble's blog.I don't think I've ever come across modern photographs that have made me go quite so gooey inside. They really remind me of Julia Margaret Cameron's work; all beautiful sepia tones and girls with flowing pre-raphaelite hair. Ellen doesn't use digital photography; she gets the beautiful old fashioned effect by using proper old school dark room techniques. Julia photographed many celebrities of her time, from Darwin to Alice (the real Alice in Wonderland)Liddell and created Arthurian myth scenes, not dissimilar to Grace Coddington's fairytale editorials these days. See Julia's work above and Ellen's below.


Jen Parrish said...

What beautiful photographs, I was lucky to catch a show of Julia's work in Boston many years ago. Hauntingly lovely as are Ellen's.
~also love

Plinth said...

Oh wow- they are gorgeous too!

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