Saturday, 31 July 2010

Summer Loving

Every summer I go to a few festivals and decide I hate everything in my non-festival wardrobe. Why can't we always wear bright colours and flowers in our hair?Sometimes I wish my whole wardrobe was more Frida Kahlo.

Or more Bernado Bertolucci. Eva Green in The Dreamers or Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty; floaty see-through, floral print full length dresses please. Then again, sometimes summer brings out the trash in me. True Romance's Alabama has a wardrobe that would make most women look like they're hookers.Oh, I just remembered, she is a hooker in that movie.sort of.but she looks ACE. As does femme fatale Liv Tyler (again) in One night at McCool's; lots of cleavage, leopard print and other numbers you'd never wear to your in-laws.Car wash scene is the best.Makes everything in my wardrobe look total Dullsville.


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I'm definitely loving all of these pints. How hot is Liv in One Night at McCools?! Srsly x

Plinth said...

I want to be her.or at least dye my hair red, dress all slutty and abuse men.yes please.

Lena said...

Excellent selection, I love Alabama, she's one of my style heroes!x

Anonymous said...

lovely article, and I just realized both The Dreamers and Stealing Beauty are directed by Bertolucci, must be some kind of fetish of his. :)

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