Thursday, 26 August 2010

Oh Comely; Keep your curiosity Sacred

Despite more and more people reading online rather than buying print, there is still a steady flow of wannabe mags making their way onto the shelves of newsagents these days, all hoping to be the next Dazed and Confused or I.D. In all honesty, they usually fail, as rarely do they approach anything from a genuinely original angle. Which makes it all the more exciting when you come across a true gem like Oh Comely.I saw Annabel mention the magazine on her blog in a post about Lucie Ellen, a jewellery designer who I had recently approached to become part of the Gabberdashery collective. The fact that they'd featured her work raised my hopes; perhaps this was a mag for my tastes?After a bit of a struggle to find a WHSmith that stocked a copy (asking shop assistants for a publication called 'Oh Comely' raised a few eyebrows;in one branch I was almost directed to the top shelf..)I finally found a copy.

I was not disappointed. In the words of the OC team, its;
'a magazine about people and their quirks and their creativity, rather than money and what it can buy.It's a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight. Imagine sitting down with a cup of tea and a creative friend to hear all the strange things she says, all the curious stuff she does, and about the things she loves.'
Wow.Brilliant, huh?And it WAS like chatting to a friend who liked the same things as me.Only a few pages in was a feature on the amazing illustrator Sophie Blackall who I've featured here before, and her amazing 'Missed Connections' pictures depicting ads written by people hoping to hook up after a chance meeting.
A piece on The Impossible Project who bought up all of Polaroid's film production equipment to carry on the tradition.A lovely interview with charming songstress Emmy the Great in her home.An introduction to a fantastic creative, The Vamoose; the image below is taken from her blog, where you can get a much better idea of the magazine's aesthetic.(I am at my mum's this week with no scanner, so apologies for the shabby job I'm doing.)You'll also find thought provoking pieces on childhood friends, what it takes to curate a show, and a lighthearted look at the dedication of our postal service, tested by the O
h Comely team posting everything from a 10 pound note, to a banana, to bunch of keys.

The best bit for me, though, had to be a piece on Halfpenny Home Haberdashery. I am obsessed with Haberdasheries.And this lady keeps her chickens in hers!
The only product related article was where the team tested a variety of toasters to see which made the best toast.Very valuable research, if you ask me.
If you like my blog, then I'm guessing we have similar taste, in which case I'd recommend you go and buy yourself a copy of this pronto. Its £4, stockists here. Enjoy.


Holly Springett said...

Love the sound of 'Oh Comely', will search out a copy!
(spotted I'm on your blogroll, thank you!, need to get mine updated and pop London Plinth on there!)

Lena said...

Thanks for pointing this out - will definitely get a copy!

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