Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shoe Time

Come September, iconic British store Selfridges will become home to The Shoe Galleries; the world's biggest single shoe shopping destination. To launch the event, not only will Selfridges be hosting a wonderful exhibition of Vivienne Westwood's footwear creations, but they'll also be offering you the chance to win a year's supply of shoes. All you need do is recount your most memorable shoe experience here.
When asked to do this, there was only one shoe I could write about. A pair of Choos?or Manolo Blahniks? Nope. Its Clark's 'Magic Steps' shoes that launched my love of footwear.And all due to one piece of advertising, which I strongly believe is more responsible for our generation's attitude to shoes in Britain than any episode of Sex and the City.

I wanted these shoes more than ANYTHING. I have since looked them up, and at first glance they are actually total dullsville. But remember, underneath they had that key in a clear bubble in the sole?Amazing!Jeez, we were suckers.But then here we are, yonks later lusting after the red soles of Louboutin. Anyway, my mother knew better, as mothers do, and refused to splash out on shoes 'that make you feel like a princess'(says so in advert so must be FACT)on the basis that they were a gimmick.Obviously she was right. I think many of our shoe shopping habits are formed by what footwear we were and weren't allowed as children. Is it some sort of delayed rebellion that we may now purchase shoes as impractical as we like?I certainly find nothing duller than going shopping for a pair of 'sensible shoes'; yawn. My favourite shoes these days come from Irregular Choice, Kandee ,Kitty Cooper and Charlotte Olympia .

Upload stories and pictures of your favourite shoes onto the Selfridges website. Good Luck!

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Nutmeg said...

Wow, I remember thinking that advert was amazing! My mum wouldn't let me have the shoes either. Mean.

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