Monday, 16 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

I very much wanted to entitle this blog post VAG as the Vintage at Goodwood festival has become known, but restrained myself for fear of unwanted hits from unsavoury googlers... for more on why the whole affair has been quite so controversial, check out Amelia's preview and review of the event; thought-provoking stuff indeed. You can also see my street style snaps; 'Now and Then' fashion piece for Mien Magazine here. I do have a long list of criticisms about how the event was managed, but ultimately had a lovely day mainly due to some first class company;

Natasha Bailie

Kate Baxter of Fabric of My Life

Alex Vanthournout of Alex Loves

The dubiously sponsored Style Studio....Primark isn't exactly famous for its 'vintage' values..

The lovely Supermarket Sarah with one of her famous walls.

Reem Alasadi
upcycles vintage pieces into beautiful new designs; from tablecloths turned into summer dresses to reworked necklaces and knits.

Creativity was encouraged by stalls selling Habberdashery staples, from drawers of vintage print material to jars of buttons.

Another great find was Mrs Stokes Vintage China- really lovely sets presented in beautiful packaging and very reasonable- particularly in comparison to other similar products available like Katy Potts 'luxury' vintage tea sets.

I made a speedy exit when the heavens opened; the site was dangerously short of shelter, hence these pics of packed out stalls when people ran for cover; it seemed the weather gods ignored this particular 'give me sunshine' teatowel...


Votre éminence cerise said...

Great article Katie. I am in Ibiza for a few days but have a wee surprise for ya when I get back! x

Plinth said...

A SURPRISE!!!i love surprises!hope you're having fun in partyland x

Sarah-Leigh said...

Looks great, so gutted I could go see for myself this time! Marks out of 10?

Check out a few of my company's street style pics :-)!/mpdclick?ref=ts


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