Thursday, 5 August 2010

Wolf and Badger

Nano Cage by Troy Abbott

Last night I went to the Wolf and Badger party with a gaggle of bloggers (think this must be the correct collective noun?)where we were served Pimms in the pouring rain, true Brit style. Still, the grey weather didn't distract from the contents of the experimental boutique, which was bursting with sparkling jewellery, studded leather, feathered capes and sculptured shoes. Wolf and Badger enables a new generation of designers to promote and sell their products through an affordable temporary platform by leasing out space in their store to qualifying candidates. Stock varies from limited edition artwork like Troy Abbott's Nano Cage displaying video footage of a bird (I'd really like a goldfish- in- a- bowl version of this) to hand knitted blankets for newborns, cutting edge jewellery designs, menswear and womenswear. If you're an independent designer and would like to sell through Wolf and Badger, you can apply here.

Plates by Evthokia

I made a beeline for these feathered capes by Sia Dimitriadi. You can find more womenswear gems like the Alex dress by Chelsea Rebelle on the online store.


Wolf & Badger said...

Cheers for the post and for making it down last night. Some sore heads in the office this morning!

The cape is by the wonderful Sia Dimitriadi.

Plinth said...

Thanks guys!

S_S said...

Loved seeing the amazing stuff last night, my faves were most def the feather capes and the Hunting Man & Rose necklace by Gisele Gan - AMAZING!!!!!! xx

fox&squirrel said...

katie Sia's sister went to the junior school... xxx

Anonymous said...

*gasp* That dress is AMAZING!

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